Dec 07

Chrome OS – Breathing Life into Old Laptops

Google’s Chromium OS is a lightweight, lightning-fast operating system that is safe, secure, and easy to use.  It uses apps instead of programs, keeping each in a “security sandbox” to provide additional safety, stores all your data in the cloud for convenience and easy access, and is stripped of every “unnecessary process” possible.

After getting Chromium OS on a 4 gb thumb drive and using it I thought so now what?  How can I use Chrome OS?  The first thing that I thought of was … well nothing!  However, as I mediated on this through the day and now late at night it came to me; what about those old laptops?  My only concerns now will be does vanilla or lime have the required drivers needed to support them.

Stay tuned as I dig out a few old laptops and boot them up!

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