Dec 21

Dart VM Build Pain – Mac OS Lion



Last night I spent 2 hours building the Dart Virtual Machine (VM) for my mac OS Lion 10.7.2.  There is a great wiki that you can follow for all the steps but here are the issues that I ran into:

1.  I ran into an issues since I was running xcode 4.2 so I had to change the build.py script to add an “-sdk” option;  I followed this posting to solve the problem but had to change it to “macosx10.7” not “macosx10.6”.

2.  I got an unsupported GCC error; using this posting I was to get by this error.  Make sure you use the find command since there are 100s of GCC_VERSION entries in the file.  Additionally, you might have to change the “-i” option in the sed command to an “-ie”.

Presto your build should now complete successful.  Now go to your dart editor – preferences and set the Dart VM.  NOTE:  your dart VM is located in your build directory /xcodebuild/Debug_x64/dart


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