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Aug 12

Home Surveillance 101 – System Selection Preparation


My wife and I roughly 6 months ago decided to build a new home and we decided to install a home video surveillance system.  Having no idea about home video security systems, I started to do my research.  I started by looking at complete systems on Amazon.  I seen complete systems from $300 to as …

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Dec 21

Dart VM Build Pain – Mac OS Lion


    Last night I spent 2 hours building the Dart Virtual Machine (VM) for my mac OS Lion 10.7.2.  There is a great wiki that you can follow for all the steps but here are the issues that I ran into: 1.  I ran into an issues since I was running xcode 4.2 so I …

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Dec 14

Upgraded to WordPress 3.3

Just upgraded to wordpress 3.3 and the process ran very smoothly. Still getting use to the new menu but for most part it is better. Additionally, I upgraded the themes that were installed even though I do not use them.

Dec 07

Lost Island Theme – Fix Home Button Link

I just added a new page to the Lost Island WordPress Theme however, now the home tab link does not work.  If you have this problem here is the fix: 1.  Log into the dashboard 2. Select appearance -> editor in the left menu. 3.  The right sidebar will list different page components that make …

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Dec 07

Chrome OS – Breathing Life into Old Laptops

Google’s Chromium OS is a lightweight, lightning-fast operating system that is safe, secure, and easy to use.  It uses apps instead of programs, keeping each in a “security sandbox” to provide additional safety, stores all your data in the cloud for convenience and easy access, and is stripped of every “unnecessary process” possible. After getting …

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Dec 06

Facebook Open Graph – Timeline

I know facebook’s open graph was launched a year or so ago and if you have not integrated with your website or application what are you waiting on? If you want to find out more about facebook open graph check out this video by  Carl Sjogreen  it is a great overview: My interest now is …

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